Sunday   21st   November   2021

The Prime Minister was the chairman of the keynote speech entitled “Sharing Hands Together, Bringing Thai Rod” at the 39th Chamber of Commerce Seminar Nationwide. The main theme of this year’s seminar was “Connect the Dots DESIGN THE FUTURE Together to Create the Future”.

Prime Minister joins hands with the Thai Chamber of Commerce Moving forward according to the 13th National Development Plan, ready to accept 5 private proposals in areas of healing / tourism / agriculture / quality of life development and infrastructure.

In the 39th Chamber of Commerce Seminar Nationwide, the main theme of this year’s seminar is “Connect the Dots DESIGN THE FUTURE”, Joining forces to create the future.” This event will be a force that will help drive the national economy. Create cooperation from all sectors for sustainable growth together with General Anupong Paochinda, Minister of the Interior, Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith Minister of Finance, Mr. Disat Hotrakit, Secretary-General to the Prime Minister Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand Board of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Board of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Government and private sector representatives participate in the ceremony. The Prime Minister received a summary of the 39th Chamber of Commerce Seminar Nationwide from Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. as well as giving a special keynote address on the topic of “Sharing Hands, Unite Jai (Jai = heart), Lead Thai Rod”.  In one part, almost 2 years ago, Thailand faced the crisis of the epidemic of Covid-19 that has an impact on public health It also affects lifestyle and economic activities.  The solution is find appropriate measures, both the budget and the law that are consistent with the administration of the state The government hastened to solve various problems that arise in both health and public health problems. economic problems and the problems of the people’s brothers and sisters and entrepreneurs in the business sector So that all people’s brothers and sisters can return to normal life again.

The government has taken measures to help people and the private sector enhance financial liquidity Stimulate the economy and stimulate purchasing power from domestic consumers stimulate the tourism sector Emphasis on access to capital and credit especially the people of the foundations and small entrepreneurs At present, the Thai economic situation has improved. The Thai economy in the third quarter of this year was only 0.3% negative, which was much lower than what many parties had expected. And it is expected that the overall economy this year has a tendency to grow from stimulating and restoring the economy in a balanced way according to public health measures The Prime Minister also said that The government is determined to transform Thailand with the 13th National Economic and Social Development Plan which will drive Thailand into an innovative economy, able to produce goods and services with high added value. There is a manpower with skills and attributes suitable for the modern world. Reduce inequality in terms of income, wealth and opportunity, create sustainable responsibility for the environment.  The 13th National Economic and Social Development Plan will increase economic and social opportunities for all sectors by strengthening SMEs and economic development at the local level.  The Prime Minister emphasized that Chambers of commerce across the country are important partners to help move Thailand. through the cooperation of the public and private sectors both in the central and at the local level continuously To improve the quality of life for people’s brothers and sisters to access business opportunities Make money for yourself and the country And have a better life that will help to improve and enhance development in all dimensions and increase the competitiveness of Thailand on a global scale.