Committee Mission Statement

To represent and promote mutual business interests between both Thai and South African businesses of our membership in Thailand and to further increase awareness of potential trade and investment opportunities between the two countries. In addition to the commercial aspects listed above, the Chamber is also interested in furthering social and cultural understanding between the different nationalities represented in the Chamber. The people who are dedicated to ensuring SATCC fullfils its Mission in Thailand (2017 - 2018)
Ragil Ratnam : Chairman
Peter Taylor : Treasurer
Antony Brown : Vice Chairman
Linda Reay : Vice Chairman
Eric Hallin : Director
Wim Fagel : Director
Rakesh Kumar : Director
Tom Bishop : Director
Danupong Panitpichet : Director
Paul Pavlidis : Vice Chairman
Tauriq Brown : Director

Embassy Ex-Officio Members :

> H.E. Ambassador Geoffrey Quinton Mitchell Doidge (Geoff Doidge)

> Counsellor Andre van Straten

> Political First Secretary Tshelani Ndawonde

Policy for the Chamber is developed and directed by an elected committee , headed by a President and two Vice Presidents.Following the election of the General Committee in October of each year, portfolios of responsibility are assigned to each committee member. These are based on the measures considered necessary for the achievement of the Chamber’s strategic goals and may vary from year to year, depending on the perceived need to change emphasis or implement improvement measures.

Their portfolio responsibilities are:
• Trade and Embassy Coordination

• Charities

• Networking and Business Event

• Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce Thailand (JFCCT)

• Board of Trade Representative

• Communications

• Jabulani Social Group

• Fund Raising

H.E. Ambassador Geoffrey Quinton Mitchell Doidge (Geoff Doidge)
Andre van Straten – Counsellor
Tshelani Ndawonde – Political First Secretary


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