SATCC works together to provide a platform of support and information for members with business interests in Thailand. Our Chamber is committed to serving the membership community to encourage and promote collaboration in the following ways.


Network evenings are organized on a regular basis where members and non-members get to meet, greet and engage in conversation. Networking with SATCC provides a great opportunity to find likeminded entrepreneurs and business owners in Thailand. Some network events are occasionally in collaboration with the South African Embassy, and often with other Chambers.


SATCC is an active member of the Board of Trade of Thailand. This organization, together with the South African Embassy, lobbies the Thai government on a wide range of issues affecting foreign chamber members in Thailand. Our Chamber also supports and regularly participates with many foreign chamber community.


Briefings and business presentations on important topics are organised for members looking for opportunities or to share their company profile. Members are also able to connect and learn about the industry knowledge and experiences directly from our Board of Directors (Read More), or arrange meetings with international visitors and business colleagues in Thailand.


SATCC provides a platform for members to promote their businesses online via our website, social media, or networking events. Members may also access opportunities for annual or event sponsorship in return for marketing and promotional publicity, such as; news articles, social media content, featured banner at network evenings/presentations.


SATCC occassionally meets with important individuals within the South African, Thai, and sometimes foreign government officials. In the past, trade missions have been organized across South-East Asia. Our aim is to attract entrepreneurs, business owners and partners by promoting trade and investment in Thailand or South Africa.


Our membership community usually support their own local charity organisations in Thailand. However, we provide opportunities for members and non-members to contribute to charities supported by SATCC. We currently work closely with ARK Foundation in Bangkok, and Kliptown Youth Programme (KYP) in South Africa.