The following benefits are provided exclusively for SATCC members:

  1. Invitation to and preferential pricing at events organised by the SATCC, featuring leading South African and Thai authorities as well as business people from the international community
  2. Networking, business and professional development opportunities
  3. Information updates on issues affecting businesses in both Thailand and South Africa through regular updates to the SATCC website
  4. Representation at the Board of Trade of Thailand
  5. The opportunity to promote your business through the sponsorship of activities and events organised by the SATCC and other Chambers
  6. Access to the SATCC online members directory via the ‘Members only’ sections of the Chamber website
  7. Access to the SATCC network of contacts which can assist you with a vast range of services

 The SATCC has four categories of membership subscription:

  1. Ordinary Member-Corporate Member. An ordinary member shall be a juristic person with Thai or foreign nationality, which is duly registered and engages in business in Thailand or shall be a natural person from any country who engages in business in Thailand.
    Click –> SATCC Corporate Application Form
  2. Affiliate Member. An Affiliate Member shall be a natural person or juristic entity who is qualified for Ordinary membership, but is not a resident of Thailand and does not wish to be categorized as an Ordinary Member. Any Affiliate Members shall have all the rights of Ordinary Members, except the right to vote or serve as a committee member of this organization.
    Click–> SATCC Affiliate Application Form

Membership Fees

The membership period for the Chamber runs from the 1st July to the 30th June each year. The subscription is paid on an annual basis. Initial subscription fees will be calculated from the date of approval of the membership application.

The annual membership fees are listed below. Any prospective member who applies for membership during the period 1st March to 30th June will be requested also to pay the annual fee and membership will then be valid from the date of application approval by the General Committee until 30th June that year.

To become a member please download the membership application above and email the completed form to


Subscription Costs

Corporate (companies in Thailand) – THB 10,000 + VAT

Affiliate (companies outside Thailand) USD180 + VAT

There are no joining or registration fees

For more information or other sponsorship opportunities, please contact the SATCC office via email :

or give us a call at +66(0)81 868 3870


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