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The South African-Thai Chamber of Commerce (SATCC) has been in touch with the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Disease Control for information on how to let foreign nationals, who are living within the Kingdom of Thailand, know how to get vaccinations.

It has been advised that any expat should pre-register for their first vaccine here – It is understood that this will cover expats nationwide and is for all ages.

Those people who have registered will be contacted with regards to when vaccination times will be applicable. This will come directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via an email.

This was also issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday (1st August 2021):

Thailand’s Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has approved the allocation of some 150,000 doses of the US-donated Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to foreign residents in Thailand.

Starting 1 August 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a new online platform for foreign residents in Thailand to register for the FIRST dose of COVID-19 vaccination.

The platform “” is opened for registration to foreign residents of all ages nationwide. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, will arrange vaccination to those registered in accordance with priority criteria similar to that of Thai nationals, e.g. elders, pregnant women and those with underlying chronic diseases.

The registered foreign residents will be notified of the dates and vaccination sites in accordance to their priorities and residencies.

The Ministry of Public Health will announce details of vaccination procedure for Thai students or athletes who are scheduled to attend schools or international tournaments abroad in due course.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand reiterates its gratitude to the government of the United States of America for the donation of the COVID-19 vaccine to Thailand.

Source: (01/08/2021)


N.B. The SATCC and its officers are disseminating this information in good faith as instructed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cannot be held responsible for any changes to the above hereon in.