On Saturday 3rd December 2022 two of our board members, Tasha Ponelis and Anerida Coetzee with a few extra helpers, went to meet Nak Suu Rugby Academy in Bangkok to Donate Thb 30,000 that was raised from the South Africa Ball 2022 in October, including a snack pack with a ice cold milo to cool them down after training and to promote their fitness growth. The boys were grateful for the donation and snacks, and very polite and a delight to be around. As you can see in the pictures (below), they did funny eyes and of course the small heart sign that we all know so well here in Thailand (please note for privacy purposes of the orphans, their identities are hidden to protect them). What a pleasure to help the community.

Nak Suu Rugby Academy work under ARK International Foundation helping, supporting and teaching orphans from a very young age to young adults who have grown up in the system for most of their lives and do not know of different. Nak Suu Rugby Academy focus on training and teaching the orphans to play rugby with discipline, teamwork, fitness, and a family that will help them.

Within the ARK International Foundation, the team support the orphanage and a group of kids that live in the slumps throughout the year with different events, charity donations, supporting the necessities of the orphans, hosting events to showcase to the orphans that they can dream not to just strive for a basic job, but they are capable of more through education even with a tough start to life. This is just some of the amazing work that the Foundation does, and we are glad that we have been able to contribute to such an amazing cause.

We will sure be involved again to help make a difference to the community’s life!