Member Company: Amazon Colours Linda has resided in Thailand for six years, during which time she helped set up and manage of Amazon Colours. With her husband, they brought South African technology into Thailand, and set up a business which remains the only point-of-sale colourant manufacturing factory in the country. Their Thailand HQ services the Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Russian paint markets. Being involved in every aspect of the company, has given Linda valuable practical business experience in Thailand. Back in South Africa she was involved in the TV industry business for over 20 years. She managed her own production company, served as the Executive Producer of an investigative journalism show, worked for Pay-TV operator MultiChoice at General Management level and also as CEO of a Mobile Broadcast TV business for the Naspers Group. Linda holds various tertiary qualifications, is a good communicator, has a practical approach to problem solving and can lead diverse teams. She is also passionate about giving back to her community and has spearheaded Jabulani, the SA social organization in Thailand, which has formed a successful strategic co-operation with the SATCC. She has served on the SATCC Board for two years, acted as Chairperson of the Events Committee and is currently the Editor of the SATCC e-Newsletter.