Member Company: United Thai Shipping Corporation Limited Responsible for Conventional vessel and service, running a fleet of 3 huge conventional vessels, each vessel calling at Thailand and Durban Port, S.A. and vice-versa, carrying commodities such as rice, tapioca starch and construction beam, exporting to South Africa. Born in 1967, Khun Danupong was brought up bilingually, speaking Chinese and Thai. After school, he studied in Dublin, Ireland and graduated in Business Administration, He has also completed a Major Degree in Business Management from Bangkok University. Upon returning to Thailand, he worked for UN-ESCAP Headquarters in Bangkok in 1990, and then moved on to one of the top-10 Japanese trading companies in Bangkok. This was followed by a job with a leading Thai rice exporting company. After that, he moved to his family business (SME) in the field of imported small household appliances, mainly from Germany, Italy, and France Khun Danupong is enthusiastic, flexible, sociable, and continues to serve the SATCC interests as he has previously done as Director.