Mandela Day Event 16 July 2023

We are celebrating Mandela Day 2023 by working through the ARK Foundation to support and help the boys orphanage and the slump families that they support.
Mandela day is on 18th July 2023, however, we would like to host the event on the 16th at the orphanage to hand over the parcels and donation of goods directly to them.

What is Mandela day:
“Mandela Day was founded on the principle that we can all give a little bit of our time to have a positive effect on the life of someone else.”

About the Orphanage:
The boys orphanage is based in Bangkok and is home to over 150 boys ranging from very young ages up to 20 years old that have, due to unfortunate circumstances, had to call the orphanage their home. The children come from many backgrounds that are terrifying to think of. The ARK Foundation has become an integral part of these children’s lives to support them with necessities, events, support, discipline (rugby academy), and bible study for those who are religious. The ARK Foundation has made an impact on the children’s lives not just from day-to-day living but on a wider scale of learning skills, working together and becoming strong and independent. We support this cause and would like to help how we can as this is the principle that Mandela day is based on.

We have been working closely with the ARK Foundation to find out more information on what the children may need to support them. The orphanage has provided us a list of items they require for the children:
– Fish Sauce
– Soy Sauce
– Vegetable oil
– Oyster sauce
– Salt
– UHT Milk
– Instant Noodles
– other items you may think useful that can last a long time

Other items:
– Garbage bags (30 x 40″)
– Pain relief (for the children that part take in sport and get muscle aches)
– Vitamin supplements for their health

School items:
– Any stationery

These items can be bought in bulk at Makro.

Please fill in the short Google form ( if you are interested in supporting the orphanage and a director from the chamber will contact you to find out more information on what you would like to donate and will provide you with more information on the location and time of the event. The director will be able to help you with any enquiries you may have.

Please note: 
1) There will be photo opportunities at the event, this will be closely controlled to conceal the identities of the children and to follow the child protective laws in Thailand.
2) Due to limited storage space at the Chamber office, we kindly ask you to bring the goods along on the day of the event to handover to the orphanage.

We appreciate any support you can provide.

Members supporting Mandela Day 2023:
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