South African/Thai Chamber of Commerce, & Spanish – Thai Chamber of Commerce & Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand Event | AI and Machine Learning — Trends and Caveats

Artificial Intelligence has been with us for decades. Its uses have become widely embedded to make assessments, predictions, various decisions and has other functions.

But the way AI is programmed has become controversial. Ethical AI or similarly named approaches have become Guidelines and even legislation. (Ethical AI is artificial intelligence which adheres to well-defined ethical guidelines regarding fundamental values, including such things as individual rights, privacy, non-discrimination, and non-manipulation).

Generative AI (eg OpenAI’s ChatGPT) became popularly known only in 2022. It is able to generate original looking content such as writing a term paper, a speech, doing a translation etc. However there is a dark side. False information (fake news) and other bad outcomes have occurred resulting in defamation suits and other remedies. In response, some companies have devised preventions and filters. A big question in academia is to ensure originality in student work.

Machine Learning is understanding and building methods that let machines; – that is, methods that leverage data to improve computer performance on some set of tasks. Training data teaches the machine. It can be seen as a subset of AI.

Join the South African/Thai Chamber of Commerce, Spanish-Thai Chamber and JFCCT’s Digital Economy/ICT group for a dive into understanding trends, issues and developments.
🎯 What are the main business and personal uses?
🎯 How, broadly does the technology work?
🎯 What are the ethical requirements and issues? What should businesses do to benefit and operate ethically?

Speakers and Moderator: AI including Generative AI; Ethical AI; Machine Learning
📢 Pedro Uria – Chief Analytics & AI Officer, True Digital Group
📢 Dr Pin Pin Tea – Makon, Sasin School of Management, lectures in AI and in Business
📢 Dion Wiggins – co-founder and CTO of Omniscien Technologies

Moderator Bob Fox, Chair, Digital Economy/ICT Committee and JFCCT Policy Co-Ordinator

Networking session includes: Food and Beverage in International cocktail style – Highlight with some Spanish Food (Pealla and coldcut) and Spanish wine from Tres Monos

Location: Amara Bangkok, 180, 1 Thanon Surawong, Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand
May 25, 2023 from 16:00 – 20:00
Cost: 1,400 THB for SATCC members