The Benefits of an SATCC Membership

Are you a Thai company with business interests in South Africa, or a South African company with business interests in Thailand?
Then a membership with the South African-Thai Chamber of Commerce (SATCC) is ideal for you. We can support you as you seek to expand your business and provide you with valuable connections in each area.

Are you a company that wishes to market to a Thai and South African market?
A membership with SATCC would also serve you well, as we host and take part in regular events throughout the year, which will offer you the opportunity to promote your products and services to a wider audience.

Are you looking to grow your personal and professional network in Thailand?
The SATCC is perfectly placed to support you in growing your network through our events and through the personal networks of our Board of Directors.

Are you looking to socialise with fellow South Africans?
SATCC is also a great avenue for this, and you can join the Jabulani Social Group and SATCC Young Professionals.

The key benefits of SATCC membership include: 

  • An authoritative voice for members’ interests with access to the highest levels in the Thai government
  • Direct business introductions, referrals and advice/assistance in dealing with bureaucracy
  • Network at free and low cost events aimed at representatives of SME member companies
  • Programme of upcoming events – especially on the Eastern Seaboard.
  • Significant reductions on many event entry fees for members
  • Stay informed through on-line information which, amongst other things, includes reports on the Thai economy, legal issues and specific sectors
  • Marketing access for your products and services to all corporate members through exclusive access to the online members database…….for a small fee!
  • Any   company   of   any   nationality   and   any representative of any nationality is welcome and there is no limit on the number of representatives per company
  • Excellent value for money at the equivalent of only THB750 per month or less.
  • Access to embassy and Jabulani contacts

Corporate Membership

An Ordinary Corporate Member shall be a juristic person/company with Thai or South African nationality which is duly registered and engages in business in Thailand. An ordinary member has the right to vote or serve as committee members of the SATCC.
Annual Membership Fee: THB 10,700 (incl. VAT of 7%) 

Extra Ordinary Membership

An Extra Ordinary Member shall be a natural person of any nationality who is residing but not engaging in business in Thailand.  An Extra Ordinary member is not eligible to serve as a  committee member and or vote in a Chamber meeting. Other privileges will be the same as an ordinary member. Annual Membership Fee: THB 5,350 (incl. VAT of 7%)

Affiliate Membership

An Affiliate shall be a natural person or juristic entity residing outside Thailand who is not qualified for Ordinary Corporate Membership. An Affiliate does not have the right to vote or serve on a committee of the SATCC.
Annual Membership Fee: USD 180 (excl. VAT)

For more information or partnership opportunities,
please contact the SATCC office

Email: or Call: +66(0)81 868 3870